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Extreme martial arts is capturing fans around the world. With roots in traditional martial arts, this exciting new style has incorporated acrobatic type kicks and “tricks” into a performance venue that can be appreciated and enjoyed by all. Steve Terada is on the forefront of this phenomenon, having been featured on the Black Eyed Peas music video "Pump It" and shows like So You Think You Can Dance, The Best Damn Sports Show Period, ABDC, , World Culture Open in Korea, Culture Choc Imua in Tahiti French Polynesia, and the Bercy in Paris, France. In the sport karate world and martial arts ‘tricks’ community, his reputation as being an innovator stems from his cutting-edge forms and introduction of signature kicks like the Terada Swipe, Full-Twist Round (Crouching Tiger Spinning Terada), Snapu Swipe, and the quadruple (now quintuple) flash among others.

With fans in dozens of countries around the world, Steve continues to enjoy success competing part-time on the NASKA World Tour with Team Paul Mitchell Karate and representing Paul Mitchell Systems in their "Head for Change" campaign.

Jay Leno's 2010 return to the Tonight Show
2010 NBA All-Star opener w/Usher
TMZ, featured
Inside Edition, featured
KTLA Morning Show, KTLA
Late Night w/Snoop Dogg, MTV
America's Best Dance Crew, Season 3, Champions (Quest Crew)
America's Best Dance Crew, Season 4, Guest appearance/coach
American Idol, 2008 Season Finale, FOX
So You Think You Can Dance?, Season 4 featured, FOX
American "Idol Gives Back", FOX
Numb3rs, CBS
My Name is Earl, NBC
Black Eyed Peas "Pump It", music video
The Shield
Deadwood, HBO
So You Think You Can Dance 2, FOX, MTV, featured
Reeses Cereal, commercial
Dell Computers, commercial
Ninja Warriors, commercials
KGMB 9, Sunrise, Honolulu, HI
LA 18, Quest performances, recurring
Extreme Martial Arts Specials (2), MBC Broadcasting, Seoul, Korea,
Interview, promo tour, MBC Broadcasting, Seoul, Korea
Extreme Martial Arts Special, Featured, KBS, Korea
ESPN2 and ESPN US Open ISKA Championships, recurring
G4 Video Game Awards
Best Damn Sports Show, FOX Sports Network
30 Seconds To Fame $25,000 winner, FOX
France 3 Les Bon Plans, Interview
France 3 News
Paris Premiere French Open Artistic Forms Exhibition Bercy
Eurosport Bercy Festival Highlights
Paris Premiere French Open Artistic Forms Finals Bercy
USA World Championships
ESPN2 Ryu Dojo Demo
Cyberkids series episode

MacGruber, SNL (In production) Universal Studios
The Squeakquel (Alvin and the Chipmunks) Sony Productions
Indiana Jones Crystal Skull Universal
Memoirs of a Geisha, Columbia Pictures
Crank, Universal Pictures
Baby, Affiliated Entertainment
Jack In the Beanstalk Avalon1
Beverly Hills Ninja, forms Tristar Productions
Kyodai, Principal Oscar Bound Prods.
Tag, Lead AFI Productions
8 Kids In A Karate Flick, Principal Just Kick It Productions

With Quest Crew, 2009, numerous appearances continental US, Canada and Hawaii (including Wango Tango, MTV Awards, WOD, T-Mobile/Samsung 5 City Tour, etc. List on request)
Culture Choc Imua, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Sony, Samurai Awards, Palm Desert, CA
Paul Mitchell Systems Corporate Show, Venetian, Las Vegas,NV
Wal Mart Shareholders Gala, Fayette, AK
Panasonic Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, NV
Cisco Show, Palms Club Rain, Las Vegas, NV
IBM Worldwide Corporate Gala, MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
Chuck Norris’ World Combat League Show, Dallas, TX,choreographer/performer
World Culture Open Show, Seoul, Korea, choreographer/performer
Bercy Martial Arts Festivals, Paris, France, featured, recurring
East West Players, Next Big Bang Showcase, L.A., CA
Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment, Gala, L.A., CA
Novartis Show,Venetian, Las Vegas, NV
Glaxo, Smith, Kline Corporate Show, Atlanta, GA
Cardinal Health Corporate Show, Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, CA
Yellow Show, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV
Desert Sun Show, Seattle, WA
Merle Norman Cosmetics, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV
Kollaboration & Kollaboration All Stars, Los Angeles, CA (recurring)
Choreographers’ Ball “Carnival”, Los Angeles, CA (recurring)
Diesel Clothing Showcase, Santa Barbara, CA
L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa APAHM Event, Los Angeles, City Hall, CA
Fudoshin Great Mall of America Show, Minneapolis, MN
Kathy Ireland’s Athletes and Entertainers for the Children’s Hospital
Muscular Dystrophy, fundraiser and kids camp
D.A.R.E. to keep kids off drugs Point Mugu Air Force Base Show
Dragonfest, Pediatric A.I.D.S. Foundation benefit and martial arts expo
Desert Karate Supershow, Denver, CO
Dragon Illustrated Supershow
Coalition for Asian Pacifics in Entertainment Gala, Hollywood, CA
Lunar New Year & Harvest Moon Festivals, LA, CA KSCI-TV, recurring

Featured: Nike Live with Kobe Bryant signature show launch
Featured: Snoop Dogg Music Video "I Wanna Rock"
Featured: Far East Movement Music Video"Dance Like Michael Jackson"
Principal: Black Eyed Peas Music Video, "Pump It"
Lead “Tag”, American Film Institute, CA, 2005
Principal: Click to Dance, CA (in production)
Mo Cap: Halo 3, movie short promo, 2007
Principal: Diamond Nationals, 2004, 2005, 2006,JBL Productions, MN
Principal: U.S. Open, Orlando FL, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
Principal: USA World Championships 2004, WKKF Productions, NV
Principal: Diamond Nationals, 2003, JBL Productions, MN
Principal: U.S. Open, Orlando, FL, 2003
Principal: World Series of Martial Arts, Black & Blue Video Productions, VA
Principal: Battle of Atlanta, Black & Blue Video Productions, VA
Principal: Diamond Nationals, 2002, JBL Productions, MN
Principal: U.S. Open, Orlando, FL, 2002
Principal: Compete Nationals 2002, Videoactive Productions, CA
Principal: 77 Coups de Pieds, Independence Production, FR , 8/2002
Principal: 1er Tournoi International D’Arts Martiaux Artistiques, Independance Prod, FR
Principal: Festival des Arts Martial Bercy 2001, Europeenne de Magazines, FR
Principal: Bluegrass Nationals 2001, Black & Blue Video Productions, KY
Principal: World Series of Martial Arts 2001, Black & Blue Video Productions, VA
Principal: U.S. Capital Classics 2001, Black & Blue Video Productions, VA
Principal: Compete Nationals 2001, Videoactive Productions, CA
Principal: USA World Championships 2001, WKKF Productions, NV
Principal: Best of Forms and Weapons 2000, Black & Blue Video Productions, VA
Principal: Maslinc Best of Youth Forms, 2000
Principal: Diamond Nationals 2000, JBL Productions, MN
Principal: Cactus Classics 2000, Black & Blue Video Productions, AZ
Principal: US Capital Classics 2000, Black & Blue Video Productions, VA
Principal: Compete Nationals 2000, Videoactive Productions, CA
Principal: USA World Championships 2000, WKKF Productions, NV
Principal: Dragon Karate Super Show 1998, Dragon Illustrated Prod, CA
Music Video: It Ain’t All Good, Eye Witness Accounts, CA

Dancer Magazine, 2009 w/Quest
Intel International Multiply Campaign, USA, Asia, 2007
Hanmi Bank billboard campaign, LA, CA, 2007
Rafu Shimpo, 2 features 2009
Korea Times, 2006, 2007, LA, CA
Karate Bushido Magazine, March 2004, Paris, France
Karate Bushido Magazine, Cover & featured interview, March 2003, Paris, France
L’equipe, French Newspaper, 2003, Paris, France
Karate Bushido Magazine, Centerfold poster, Sept 2003, Paris, France
Karate Bushido Magazine, May, 2002, Paris, France
Centurion Negro, Ano XIV, 2002, Madrid, Spain
Black Belt Magazine, May, 2002, Santa Clarita, CA
Sport Karate Magazine, Mar-May, 2002, Lakewood, NY
Karate Bushido Magazine, July/August 2001, Paris, France
4 page featured interview/article/how to
Taekwondo Choc Magazine, Vol. 33, 2001, Nice, France
Martial Arts & Combat Sports Magazine, December 2001, Burbank, CA
NASKA, June 2001, Minneapolis, MN, Cover, The one to watch for in 2001
Action Martial Arts Magazine, May-June 2001
Sport Karate Magazine, 2000, Lakewood, NY
Sport Karate Magazine, Nov-Feb 1999, Lakewood, NY
Thousand Oaks News Chronicle, Oct. 1998, Thousand Oaks, CA
Otomix Martial Arts Catalogs, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 Los Angeles, CA

TMZ, featured w/interview
Inside Edition, featured interview
Head For Change Campaign, Paul Mitchell Systems, featured rep.
Pac Rim Videos, various interviews, etc.


U.S. Open, ISKA Musical Forms World Champion
U.S. Open, ISKA Synchronized Forms World Champion
Compete Nationals, Musical Forms Champion
New England Open, Korean Traditional Forms Champion

NASKA Over-All Adult Men's Forms Champion
Men's Musical Forms World Champion
Compete Nationals, Musical, Korean Traditional and Grand Champion
Ocean State Grand Championships, Musical, Extreme, Traditional, and Grand Champion
Quebec City Open, Musical, Extreme, Korean Traditional, and Grand Champion
Bluegrass Nationals, Musical, Extreme and Grand Champion
World Series of MA, Musical and Korean Traditional Champion
U.S. Open, Synchronized, Musical and Extreme World Champion
Battleof Atlanta, Musical Champion
Diamond Nationals, Synchronized and Musical Champion

NASKA Over-All Adult Men's Forms Champion
U.S. Open, Creative, Musical, Extreme, Korean Traditional, Synchronized Forms and Grand Champion, Extreme Kicks Champion
Diamond Nationals, Musical, Korean Traditional, and Grand Champion
Quebec Open, Creative, Musical, Korean Traditional, and Grand Champion
New England Open, Musical, Korean Traditional, and Grand Champion
US Capital Classics, Extreme, Korean Traditional, and Grand Champion
Compete Nationals Traditional, Creative, Musical, and Extreme Forms Champion
Ocean State Traditional and Creative Forms Champion
World Series of Martial Arts, Battle of Atlanta, and AKA Musical Forms Champion
Bluegrass Korean Traditional Forms Champion
March Madness Forms Grand Champion

Las Vegas Internationals Forms Grand World Champion
Las Vegas Legacy Musical Forms, Extreme Kicks, and Grand Champion
Quebec Open Men’s Musical and Creative Forms Champion
Minnesota Diamond Nationals Men’s Musical and Creative Forms Champion
Minnesota Diamond Nationals Xtreme Kicks Champion
Ocean State Musical Forms Champion
Capital Classics Musical Forms Champion
New York Twin Towers Grand Champion

NASKA Men’s Open Forms World Champion
NASKA Men’s Open Forms National Champion
NASKA Extreme Kicks Champion
French Open III Men’s Forms Champion
U.S. Open Men’s Open and Musical Forms Champion
Minnesota Diamond Nationals Men’s Open and Musical Forms Champion
Ocean State Grand Nationals Men’s Open Forms Champion
Battle of Atlanta Men’s Musical and Traditional Forms Champion
World Series of Martial Arts Men’s Open Forms Champion

NASKA Men’s Open Forms World Champion
NASKA Men’s Forms National Champion
French Open II Men’s Forms Champion
San Francisco Nationals Men’s Forms Grand Champion
Minnesota Diamond Nationals Men’s Open and Musical Forms Champion
Washington D.C. Capital Classics Men’s Open Forms Champion
U.S. Open Men’s Open Forms Champion
Kentucky Bluegrass Men’s Open Forms Champion
Virginia World Series of Martial Arts Men’s Open Forms Champion
Compete Internationals Men’s Open and Musical Forms Champion
Oregon Pacific Jewel Men’s Open and Musical Forms Champion
Ocean State Men’s Open Forms Champion
New England Open Men’s Open Forms Champion
Battle of Atlanta Men’s Open Forms Champion

2001 Joined Team Paul Mitchell National Karate Team
National Black Belt League Hall of Fame
NBL Super Grands Open Forms World Champion
French Open Jr. Forms Champion
Kentucky Bluegrass Nationals Jr. Grand Champion
Virginia World Series of Martial Arts Jr. Grand Champion
Rhode Island Ocean State Nationals Jr. Grand Champion
IMAC USA World Championships Grand World Champion
NBL March Madness Jr. Grand Champion & Hall of Fame Recipient

Minnesota Diamond Nationals Jr. Grand Champion
Arizona Cactus Classics Jr. Grand Champion
Washington D.C. Capital Classics Jr. Grand Champion
Compete Nationals Jr. Grand Champion
IMAC USA World Championships Grand World Champion
NBL March Madness Jr. Grand Champion
Combastics ASKOT Alpha Adult Forms Champion

Ed Parker’s 36th Long Beach Internationals Jr. Grand Champion
NBL Oregon Double Diamond Jr. Grand Champion
Arizona Desert Storm Jr. Grand Champion
IMAC National Champion, Forms and Musical Forms
Battle of the Desert Jr. Grand Champion


Creative Forms Seminar/Camps, Albertville, France & Paris, France
Extreme Forms Camps, Essex, United Kingdom & Sheffield, United Kingdom
Creative Forms & Kicks Seminars, Guatemala City, Guatemala
All Star/Team John Paul Mitchell Camps, Boston, Mass.
Denver Karate, Denver, Colorado

Member: Quest Hip Hop Dance Team
Team Extreme USA, Intl. Martial Arts Performance Team
Founder: TrickStep Martial Arts PerformanceTeam


(Be sure to check out the yearly updates at the end to see what Steve's been doing lately!)

At the end of Steve’s first karate class, he ran out of the room vowing, “I’m never going back!” He was 5 and scared of all the “yelling”. He didn’t return until he was 9 when he decided he wanted to kick like the Ninja Turtles, and enrolled at Tom Bloom Karate in Thousand Oaks, CA. This proved to be a prudent move once his sister, Andi, took up sparring. Together they spent every spare moment at the studio. In summer, they were there for the first class at 10:00 a.m. and the last class at 9:00 p.m., taking classes and working out, stopping only to eat.

For the next 9 years, Steve reaped many benefits as a result of his karate training. He learned that being a "gentle soul” as his teachers at school called him, was not a liability … that real strength comes from within, and respect and hard work are most often rewarded with respect.

Once not able to do a single push-up because of a back injury from skiing, Steve gained strength in body and spirit as his training progressed. 4 years after he started, he received his black belt in Tang Soo Do in 1997, his second degree in 1999, and is currently in training for his third degree from Master Tom Bloom. He was scheduled to test in March 2001 and June 2002, but was out of state competing for both tests. Steve is a certified instructor in Tang Soo Do, formerly teaching classes at Mr. Esau McKnight's Thousand Oaks Spectrum program and Tom Bloom Karate. He also teaches private lessons in open forms and seminars. Whenever he can squeeze them in, he enjoys taking wushu classes from Coaches He Jingde and tae kwon do from Master Simon Rhee … and, no, he hasn’t had the benefit of taking formal gymnastics, which may be why he spends so much time with the chiropractor.

Steve has been very fortunate over the years. Many outstanding martial artists saw something special in him and befriended him, generously sharing their knowledge and insights. It is because of their influence that Steve has always felt he should “pay back” which is why you’ll see so much of his “stuff” on the net and why he helps those who ask him even during his own workout time. He hopes those he helps will do the same in turn.He also enjoys giving back to the community through performance.

Just before he received his black belt, Steve was fortunate to meet forms great (now successful stuntman/coordinator), Hiro Koda, on the set of Beverly Hills Ninja. Hiro inspired and encouraged him to enter the world of tournament competition and still remains a constant source of inspiration. To this day, Steve thinks of himself as Hiro’s “humble grasshoppa” and always ends his form with a “Hiro” bow-out (unless he feels his performance was unworthy.) This is when he developed a passion for learning tricks. In those days, he didn’t have a source of slow motion examples to learn from, but vividly remembers throwing himself on his bed and slamming into the wall for 6 months before he learned his first barrel roll!

Later, Steve’s close friend and supporter, fighter Manny Bujold, mentioned Steve to David Douglas when David moved to L.A. They became friends and started working out. Steve was introduced to David’s intense regimen, sometimes working form sections to the point of making them both ill. Steve credits his learning how to make up combos through David’s workouts with friends. This is where he began to put his gentle soul aside on the competition floor and develop intensity. They still work out from time to time, but David is very busy with his acting these days. He is thankful to David for sharing his knowledge and flair and continues to be amazed at his abilities.

When Arnold Chon moved to L.A., David invited him to their workouts. This is where Steve met him and they became training partners. Although they don’t actually work out together any longer, they are often seen at L.A. Valley working along side martial artists, stuntmen, dancers, and actors.

Steve’s workout schedule depends on his tournament, work, and school schedule and is roughly outlined in the FAQ questions. Open workouts with friends usually begin with a telephone call from someone who actually found a place to workout. The word goes out via telephone and they gather, usually late at night at a studio or gym where classes are over and the owner has graciously given them permission to use “free mat time”. Master Harry Graham of American Eagle Karate in Thousand Oaks has been especially generous over the years.

People often wonder how he got onto Team Paul Mitchell. The story is unusual, and I think, can be inspirational to young martial artists looking for that elusive sponsorship.

Steve didn’t actually start competing until he was almost a blackbelt. He grew to love karate so much that he gave up soccer, baseball, basketball, skiing, track, and even a place on a State championship football team in his high school. He would love to have run on the track team as well, but unfortunately he would have had to give up his job.

Perhaps the most impressive feat is that as a junior Steve paid for his post blackbelt training and competition fees himself. Which is why few people actually knew who he was for so many years. He always asked for money from relatives in lieu of Christmas and birthday gifts, squirreling it away in his “competition fund”. He would find local tournaments where a few dollars were offered for junior championships to add to the fund, and based on what he had accumulated, he would try to find competitions to enter within his budget. When he was sixteen Steve was able to secure a job and saved his earnings in his fund. He will never forget how friends Manny Bujold and Raymond Daniels showed their faith in him by helping him out however they could during those lean times. An enduring memory is sharing Hawaiian Rolls on tournament road trips in Manny’s 4Runner.

Needless to say, the first few years were tough. He could usually afford to go to only a handful of tournaments “for fun” and selected them from different leagues for personal reasons. He would pop up at tournaments a virtual unknown…unsponsored and unaffiliated, hoping to go up against a well-known competitor to challenge himself and to see how he “measured up”. He had several disappointments until he was no longer completely anonymous, but during these times, he also had some notable successes, Jr. Grand at Ed Parker’s Long Beach Internationals and NBL’s Double Diamonds being the first. It wasn’t until he finally won the Jr. grand prize at the Las Vegas Internationals, that he had enough money in his fund to compete in a few NASKA tournaments in 2000. The rest is history. He was able to compete in 5 NASKA World Tour tournaments, winning 4 junior grand championships for forms, and was noticed by Team Paul Mitchell. Steve will always be grateful to long-time friend, Raymond Daniels for putting in a good word in his behalf to the team. He still remembers the days when no one knew either of them and realizes how lucky he has been.

So, for those of you out there that think one can’t overcome the logistics or politics in the sport karate world, Steve’s advice is to hang in there, work hard at what you love, give generously of yourself along the way, and hope for the best. It can happen to you too. =)

2002 UPDATES: Steve’s karate career was highlighted this year by winning NASKA’s World Championship title in Men’s Open Forms his first year competing as an adult. He also received an NBL Hall of Fame Award for his efforts in 2001.

Turning 18 has afforded Steve some new and exciting opportunities. With Chris DeVera, and Matt Mullins Steve performed on FOX’s “30 seconds to fame” where they won the $25,000 prize! They were booked for FOX Sports Network’s “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” soon after. It was an exciting event for them and sport karate because it showed the general public appreciated talents unique to their sport.

Steve has been temporarily sidelined by an injury sustained in May and not properly diagnosed until October. His recovery from surgery will take 4 months or until March 2003, at which time he expects to resume training and rejoin the circuit as soon as he gets the “OK” from his surgeon. It is difficult to believe he competed and performed during the last five months of the 2002 season with a severed ACL and chewed up meniscus, but he’s looking forward to coming back stronger than ever! =o)

2003 UPDATES: Fully recovering throughout the year, Steve’s karate career was highlighted by winning his second NASKA World Championship title in Men’s Forms. Teaching and concentrating on his college classes took up much of the rest of his time, as well as classes in dance, some wushu, weaponry, and physical therapy.

2004 UPDATES: 2004 was a whirlwind of activity for Steve as he branched out in several directions, taking his sport to new limits and down new avenues.

In addition to his rigorous competition schedule, he traveled to South Korea twice this year to promote extreme martial arts. The first trip was on the heels of an extreme martial arts special aired by MBC Broadcasting featuring Steve and Ben Brown. He and his best friend, world champion Anthony Marotta, spent time in South Korea demonstrating and training with the Korean Tigers, Korean National Team, Yong-In and Kyonggi sports universities, and Kukkiwon World TKD headquarters. Another “special” was aired featuring Steve and Anthony. The most difficult part of that trip was when he had to tape a promo commercial for the show in Korean! The best part of the trip was the gracious hospitality of the Korean people and their excitement for extreme martial arts.

Steve’s second trip to South Korea was with newly formed Team Extreme USA, where they performed at the United Nations sanctioned World Culture Open and were featured in a television show demonstrating why Extreme Martial Arts may be the wave of the future for martial arts in South Korea. The event was a non-profit, goodwill endeavor aimed at bringing the people of the world together through creative arts, holistic well being and humanitarian service. A highlight of this trip was having the opportunity to work out with Korea's "Gamblers" breakdance team.

Developing a completely new competition form for 2005; seminars in Europe and Guatemala; the AllStar Competition College Camp; private instruction, and a fun week off at the Loopkicks camp also comprised a major part of his year. In addition, he performed with actress/dancer Nia Peeples (who taught him his first aerial at age 13 and in professional dance productions in Las Vegas, Atlanta, and here in L.A. Another highlight was completing a segment in an instructional dance video headlined by friend and dance guru Scotty Nguyen of IPOD fame. He also tried his hand at movie stunts in Columbia Productions’ Memoirs of a Geisha to be released in 2005.

All in all, it was a hectic but productive year and Steve would like to thank his friends and fans for all the great memories.

2005 UPDATES: Steve's World Tour competition this year was a major highlight. A sweep of 4 forms divisons at Compete Nationals, the season opener, six at the U.S. Open, ISKA World Title, and five Grand Championship titles secured him the coveted Best Over-All Men's Forms World Champion title for 2005.

Steve is also excited about his new partnership with Rudy Reynon in synchronized forms competition. So far, they have only been able to train together a few times, but the difficulty and flair of their form has helped them to place among the best.

Busy as ever, he has been performing in several entertainment venues including a commercial, tv and movie stunts, stage performances including the Palms Rain Club and the Venetian in Las Vegas among others, and hip hop/breakdance performances with SickStep. He also played the lead in American Film Institute production “Tag”, produced by long-time friend, Michael Tohl. One of the highlights this year was being able to work briefly for his hero, stunt coordinator and former NASKA star, Hiro Koda; and stunt coordinator and former Quantum Ranger, Dan Southworth, in the movie “Baby”.

2006 UPDATES: Back to back Best Overall Mens Forms World Title!

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